Vast Ventures along with Richard Branson invite you to be our guest for three days and two nights on Necker Island. The Disruption Bowl is hosted by Vast, a leading venture capital firm committed to:

  • — Promoting resource sustainability for future generations.
  • — Improving worldwide health and happiness.
  • — Increasing human potential and productivity.
  • — Increasing knowledge, empathy and connectedness.
  • — Disrupting industries that resist these goals.

Disruption Bowl attendees are leaders and innovators building entirely self-sustainable cities, enabling modern space travel, preserving the oceans, developing sustainable resources, transforming our health, and hacking our happiness.


The Disruption Bowl will bring together thirty disruptors in business, sustainability, health, happiness, and connectivity for dialogue, debate and island competition — all with the goal to inspire building smarter businesses that are both good for the earth and good for profits.

As our guest, all expenses are covered upon your arrival on Necker. Invitation is non transferable and for one person only.


As disruption leaders and innovators, we are inviting you to be our guest for three days and two nights on Necker Island. To attend, be one of the first 30 people to
. Once on Necker, all expenses will be covered.

Fly into Tortola in the British Virgin Islands on Sat, Jan 31 between 12 pm and 5 pm. Shuttles for Necker will depart the Tortola airport following flights arriving by 1 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm.

Want to stay longer? Contact: Allison Storr at allison@disruptionbowl.com.

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QUESTIONS? Contact Allison Storr at 212.219.1552 or allison@disruptionbowl.com